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I am a variationist sociolinguist and Maître d'enseignement et de recherche in the English department at the University of Lausanne.


I am on research leave for the 2023-24 academic year, during which time I will a Visiting Scholar at Memorial University and the University of Melbourne. In Spring 2017, I was a Visiting Professor at Venice International University.


My research and teaching are focused primarily on how and why language varies across social groups, place, and time. I use quantitative methods to look for patterns in language variation. I also investigate people's attitudes toward different languages and dialects.

I'm also very interested in digitally mediated discourse. I regularly offer a course entitled The Sociolinguistics of Cyberspace. If you'd like to see what students have been up to for this seminar, I'd encourage you to visit our course website, where students share their research.

You can learn more about my ongoing and past research projects on my Research page.


For information about my teaching, please visit my Teaching page

If you are interested in studying at UNIL, you can learn more about the department here. The department also has a Facebook page.




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